Fully automated compliance and energy management

The first IoT solution that reduces waste and saves energy at scale

Welcome to Mindsett, the first complete IoT solution that prevents the unnecessary waste of time, energy and resource using AI, machine learning and remote monitoring


Affordable automation for business

IoT is transforming the way that energy, assets and resources are managed – a clear route to sustainability targets and lower costs. It’s on everyone’s agenda, but until now the benefits of AI and ML have been confined to the industrial and commercial sectors.

We’ve designed a fully integrated solution for organisations in highly regulated environments where efficiency and compliance are critical. Flexible, affordable and future proof, our system turns data into insights that can inform areas such as transformation and procurement. We also remove the burden of routine processes from front-line workers, enabling greater focus on core activity.

Why We Exist

Preventing the unnecessary waste of energy and resources

Mindsett’s purpose is to help make today’s world more sustainable through smart technology. It’s our contribution to the global effort to rebuild our economy in a way that promotes wellbeing and the natural world. Now more than ever, people are looking for organisations to take the lead in balancing commercial necessity with proven integrity, and we are proud to be part of that effort.

Our Solution

An IoT model based on performance

The Mindsett solution was designed and built on the principle of simplicity. Easy to install and use, it can absorb data from multiple sources, including temperature, motion, occupancy, energy, compliance, leaks and noise, to form a complete picture of an organisation – highlighting where efficiencies can be made.


Manual processes can be fully automated, freeing up front-line staff to focus on core business. Any issues, such as a fridge door being left open, are quickly identified by the system’s AI and reported to staff via the mobile app. Similarly, the app can manage any routine checks that still require human intervention, ensuring they are completed on time, reported correctly and visible online.


Our partners span a range of sectors, including restaurant chains such as KFC and PizzaExpress, as well as the NHS and GP surgeries. They share a common reliance on multiple assets, often spread over many sites. These are also highly regulated industries where health and safety and the customer experience are critical. Mindsett is the first end to end solution that delivers the benefits of IoT to these types of organisation in a way that’s affordable, secure and intuitive – saving time, energy and cost.


At the cutting edge of IoT development, we’re continually working on new modules that increase the level of activities that can be achieved. We’ll keep you updated as these become available.

Who We Are

Like-minded experts

The Mindsett team is everything you’d expect in a purpose-led tech firm – highly skilled, a bit nerdy, and passionate about finding meaningful applications for new technology. We believe that everyone can make a difference.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Cloudfm Group, winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation 2019, Mindsett benefits from the engineering expertise resources of the fastest growing FM company in the UK.


Steve Corbett

Chief Technology Officer for Cloudfm Group and the driving force behind the Freedom platform, Steve has delivered significant gains in productivity and cost savings for clients such as KFC, PizzaExpress, ASK, Zizzi, The Range, TUI and Prezzo. He brings 22 years of digital transformation and automation experience to Mindsett, applying IoT, AI and ML to some of the most critical issues facing businesses today.

David Attoe

IoT Development Director for Mindsett, David brings an impressive track record of strategic commercial management to Mindsett’s leadership team. With 20 years’ experience in finance for organisations such as The Ministry of Agriculture, Vodafone, ExxonMobil and Prezzo, David ensures that Mindsett delivers aspirational goals matched by enviable returns.

Helen Tidswell

Brand Director, Helen is responsible for communicating the brand’s core values and building awareness. As with Cloudfm, Mindsett is a first for the market in many ways, requiring a strong focus on collaboration and community. Helen brings 18 years of experience in launching new companies and building effective networks around them, which is central to Mindsett’s philosophy.

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